Leave No Trace Pledge

Firedrop campmates will maintain cleanliness of camp and beyond by carrying out the following duties and reporting to their LNT zone leader. All firedrop campers will live by the LNT motto of “always clean your own mess and one thing extra”. Each of the six zone leaders will be in charge of keeping his/her sextant of camp clean with help of the zone constituents. The six zone leaders will report to the LNT coordinator, Libby Woods.
To Sign up for any of these duties please use the reply form below. State your name and what duties you are committed to performing.
Individual duties for all:
•    Be preventative by properly tying down loads, coming to the playa prepared to handle all waste and avoiding bringing unnecessary moop prone items (Contact Libby Woods if you are unsure how to safely and effectively tie down a load for travel)
•    Have LNT mottos be a part of our everyday camp life such as “always clean your own mess and one thing extra” and “if it is yours clean it up immediately , if it is moop then it is yours!”
•    Empty full waste receptacles and replace liners
•    Participate in line sweep on Sunday
•    Minimize showers and excessive water use… who needs showers anyways.
•    Keep grey water evenly dispersed for effective evaporation
•    Carry away your share of waste… and one thing extra
•    Work as a community and inform eachother on proper separation of waste
•    Contain your ashes, and never let a cigarette but hit the playa
•    Report to LNT zone leader to offer help keeping camp clean throughout the week and during tear down
•    Sign up to bring “mandatory items”
•    All camp members must read the LNT pledge before camping with us.
Group duties:
•    Maintain accessible receptacles for trash, burnables, recycling, and compost
•    Rotate compost from drying racks to bags
•    Maintain three grey water tables: spread the sauce daily for effective evaporation; monitor use and limit showers to minimize end-of-burn grey water transport.
•    Evaluate grey water abundance on Thursday and titrate use for remainder of the week with the goal of 100% evaporation
•    Carry all camp moop off playa

Mandatory items (please sign up for as many of these as possible):
•    Grey water table #1
•    Grey water table #2
•    Grey water table #3
•    Grey water table for under the sauna
•    Well-labeled Trash cans (large 30 gallon)
•    Well-labeled Recycling cans(large 30 gallon)
•    Compost bags (mesh/burlap) or drying rack?
•    Waste can liners (heavy-duty 30gallon trash bags)
•    Scoop for excess grey water (milk jug with bottom cut off)
•    Sealed container for excess grey water (drum)
•    Burnable container (box w/ lid)
•    leaf rake
•    dust pan
•    broom
•    magnet rake
•    compost drying racks
•    box with lid for burnables
Suggested duties:
•    We will each contribute at least 2 hours of community clean-up
•    We will pitch in with our fellow citizens and community service teams to restore the
•    natural characteristics of the playa in our neighborhood, removing all burn scars, dunes,
•    leftover debris, or other physical traces of our presence.
•    Participate in DPW line sweeps and local restoration efforts.
•    Volunteer for and support ecological protection and restoration of the Black Rock Desert

Other LNT plans:
•    Leave no Trace Training Game-     We will test passers by at random for their proficiency in moop alerntness and action. It will be like the BRC classic Hippie fishing involving a fishing pole and a peice of moop attached to the end. If they are able to grab the moop FireDrop will hold a minor parade and celebration and gift them with camp shwag.

5 Responses to Leave No Trace Pledge

  1. jphein says:

    I accept my position as zone leader, and will strive to fulfill all duties described herein.
    Jeffrey Pine Hein

  2. Becca says:

    I appreciate and accept the pledge. I will do my part to keep it clean! My vehicle (Eric Mayer and ? ) will bring a leaf rake, a broom and dustpan. We will probably end up bringing more, but I know today that I have those things to bring and share!

    Thank you Jeffrey! Well done!

    Becca Michel Imseis

  3. Jeff Maxey says:

    I’ll carry out all aforementioned individual and group duties.
    I will bring and carry off playa: 1 greywater table (8’X24″), 1 large trash can, 1 large recycling can, and heavy duty bags for the cans.

  4. Aeron Miller says:

    I pledge to keep our beautiful camp as clean and follow all the outlined suggestions mentioned above in our LNT Action Plan!!

    Thank you so much for all the work on this!

  5. Orbit says:

    I too will carry out the aforementioned duties. I will bring two trashcans and make a magnet broom too!

    Kalyana Algrabeli

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