Welcome to Camp FireDrop!

FireDrop is a Theme Camp planning on participating in Burning Man 2014- Caravansary.

We are a collective of multiple burning man camp groups from the Nevada City/ Grass Valley, CA area. Mainly we consitst of members of BeOnFire Tribe, a Fire Conclave member group, and Samba Drop, the Tribe’s rhythmic backbone.

Here is a description of how our camp will interact with Black Rock City:
FireDrop 2014 will be version 4 of our plan and intentions for camp from the last 3 years. We bring the gift of our unique pairing of Beyond FireDancing and electrified Samba to Black Rock City. Beyond Firetribe was member group  of Fire Conclave  in 2009, 2010 and 2012 who is also intending to be there this year in 2014. They work to weave together  all possible performance types and inventive fire toys into their circus flavored show. Please check out BFT’s youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/BeonFireTribe/featured.

Starting last year and this year as well we are exited to note that we are also camping /collaborating with Mythmaker – a fire conclave group from Vancouver. See more info about Mythmaker here at their site: http://mythmaker.ca/

Samba Drop is a Brazilian style marching band that makes beats that make the booties shake! They have been active since 2009 and have had some notable shows at Big Bounce, Symbiosis and Cognitive Awakening Gatherings. More recently they have made numerous appearances at NYE Sea of Dreams in SF along side of Vaudevire Society and on their own . They have also collaborated with Gamelan X.  Their unique take on Samba fuses some traditional samba rhythms with lots of originals and fresh mix of electronic sounds. Here is a good video showing Sambadrop and Sol Riser in action at burning man 2011.

Our mutant vehicle B.R.S.S. Sol Riser is an integral piece of Firedrop as it will bring our gifts of performance anywhere on the playa.  Our camp will be a constant celebration of of samba drums, firedancing, life and community. We revel in the family and community that the fire and drums have brought to us and seek to radiate that love to the greater Burning Man community.

There will be lots of opportunity to dance in camp with soundsystems drums and lots musicians and djs in our crew.  With the collection of musicians among us, we will be set up for spontaneous improv live music jams either in camp or on Sol Riser. Colby will be bringing a section of his Kalidascopic Dreams piece which will serve as a gateway to camp and a viewing portal to the firespinning zone in camp. He is also bringing a light art canvas of photoluminescent paint that passers by can draw on with a flashlight or laser and watch the art fade away soon after .  We will be giving a few classes for anyone interested in learning about  any firetoys. Along with this we will bring many practice toys to share.  We will also have gifts like trucker hats and toys and seed medallions schwag to give out.

As part of our LNT plan, we will be offering a moop cleanup rewards system. We will have intentionally placed moop in the street on the end of a fishing string and when someone picks it up, lights and bells go off like they won the jackpot. We will then have a victory ceremony where the moop gatherer will receive a gift of shwag.

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